The Centre for the Advancement of Research and Development in Educational Technology (CARDET) is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental, research and development organization based in Cyprus with partners around the world. It has a portfolio of more than a 100 completed projects, which most of them are in the area of Migration and Integration. The organization has developed information guides for returning procedures concerning the following countries: Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Syria, India, Pakistan, Philippines, China, Georgia and Turkey.

    Partner Website: www.cardet.org


  • BEST


    BEST Institut für berufsbezogene Weiterbildung und Personaltraining GmbH was founded in 1990 as an independent Austrian organisation for providing continuous training, vocational qualification and career services. Its main activities comprise the development of innovative training programmes for young (+16) individuals and adults, many of them disadvantaged and with migration background, on continuous and vocational training, counselling & coaching and activation for job seekers and employees. The training schemes are client-oriented and based on both the specific needs of the labour market and the participants' individual situations, skills and competences, previous experience and life circumstances. The institute has its headquarters in Vienna and operates six branches in the Vienna and Lower Austria region for up to 16.000 students per year (2015). The innovative training programmes for different target groups include own pedagogic and didactic approaches and materials, especially for social integration, empowerment, self-reflection and motivation, as well as ICT based methods which are constantly being updated.

    BEST Website: www.best.at


  • EduLab


    EduLab is in Latvia based NGO focused on promotion of child centred education and integration of ICT in learning process. We bring together researchers, school leaders and ICT sector specialists with considerable expertise in education and ICT use in schools. Members of EduLab have international experience in Microsoft Partners in Learning network, they have developed and implemented programs for school leaders and educators. EduLab has in depth understanding of practical needs of the schools and 21 st century learners. Team members have expertise in the development of K-12 curriculum, inter-subject curriculum design, methodology and student motivation. Work is based on ICT integration in schools and successfully combined ICT, research and practical school experience. Areas of expertise: media-pedagogy, innovation in education, 21 st century learning design based on ICT integration, knowledge construction and organizational learning. EduLab works in close corporation with Ministry of Education and Science, State Education Centre, private organizations (eg Microsoft Latvia, other tech companies, publishers and telcos) and other NGOs supporting change implementation in education.

    Partner Website: www.edulab.lv


  • The Skills Lab Ltd

    The Skills Lab Ltd

    The Skills Lab Ltd is a UK based company that specialises in assisting with the development of school improvement programmes from the perspective of cultural change.  The company also has experience of adult skills training within the education sphere and beyond and has worked in more than twenty countries around the world.

    Website: http://theskillslab.com/

  • VISC


    National Centre for Education (VISC) is a public administration institution directly subordinated to the Minister of Education and Science. VISC was established in 2009 by merging four ministry agencies and employs about 100 specialists.

    VISC implements education policy on a national level in the field of general, vocational, career oriented education and state language.

    VISC main functions include: development of curricula in general and initial vocational education and training; development and administration of centralized exams in general education and national qualification exams in vocational education; state language proficiency testing; coordination of special and inclusive education system; coordination of non-formal career oriented education; coordination of teacher continuing professional development and work with gifted and talented students.

    VISC also organizes Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Celebration, and implements international projects and programs in the field of general and vocational education.  

    Website: www.visc.gov.lv

  • REGS


    Rīgas Angļu ģimnāzija - Riga English Grammar School (REGS) - is a public comprehensive school located in Riga (for 1078 students in 38 classes from 7 to 19 y.o.) and provides K12 education as well as extra-curricular activities for local community (in Latvian).

    Mission: Our graduates are competitive and responsible people and self-confident persons - ready for studies, are able to fulfill their potential (knowledge, skills, talents and resources), can work in teams and reach common goals.

    There are 82 qualified teachers as well as personal for students who need additional support. The results of graduates are above the national average marks.

    Vision: Study process and environment that is based on modern and collaborative teaching and learning where students can acquire high level study skills.

    REGS is focused on reinforced English language teaching, content and language integrated learning, as well as on finding new approaches for ICT integration in schooling. School has strong focus on academic proficiency, democracy and intercultural interaction that means development of high level learning skills, critical thinking and skillful communication in English.

    Website: www.rag.lv

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